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About School Management Software:

School Management Software is the advance method of data management for schools to manage resources, information on a single platform to perform more work in a lesser amount of time with higher accuracy.

Arsal School ERP is one of the most preferable and trusted school management software providing services to many schools from last ten years. It is an integrated solution which is developed to benefit schools in terms of REPORTS and ROI.

Easy To Use, Multi School Support, Multi User Role Based Access, Resonable Price, 26+ Modules, Graphical Reports, 12x7 Support, Mobile Compatible, Exceptional Accuracy and a vast array of outstanding features make Arsal School ERP an ideal and reliable school management system for schools.

School Management Software

Anything you are looking for in a school management system, we’ve got you covered! The various modules available in School ERP facilitate all the processes of your institution, from admission of new students to generating transfer certificates. School software powerful reporting & analysis tool makes your school automated & paperless ultimately saves time, resources & cost.

Reason To Choose Our School Management System ?

A perfect management software, to manage your school smartly, reducing complexity and serving information simply.
Providing 12x7 online services at Sevugampatti Tamil Nadu.

Easy To Use

Designed to engage teachers and parents. No expertise required to quickly accomplish a task.

Reasonable Price

We offer lowest price in market compare to others without compromising in quality, which gives our customer best Return On Investment.

Best Support Service

We provide you the best support. Our creative thoughts and technological advancements satisfy technical needs of our clients.

Features Of School ERP Software:

  • Easy to use graphical user interface, developed in most secure and robust technology
  • Automate everything, generate insightful reports, make better & faster decisions, each module enrich with every required reports with excel, pdf conversion
  • Parent/Student App for online fee submission, attendance, homework, notices, report card, tutorial etc.
  • Admin can assign role to each user
  • Easiest and fastest implementation, we takes very little time for Arsal School ERP to get implemented for schools.
  • SMS, Email integration, GPS Enabled, Biometric, Barcode Integration, App supports Andriod
  • Modules provided are interlinked and customizable, it can be tailored according to the requirement of the schools.
  • No special hardware installation required at client side, anytime anywhere access, multiple device support.

28+ Wonderful Modules Of School Management Software

School ERP Software have following advanced modules to manage your school efficiently!
We offer's the Best School Management Software for a Better School's Operation.


School Info. | Classes | Sections |
User Privilege | App Log |
Login Log | Dashboard |
Create FY (Financial Year)

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SMS E-mail

Student | Staff
SMS | Email Log
Template | SMS Setting
Email Setting

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Add | Edit
View | List
View Log

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Add | Edit | Delete/Resotre
Send Login | Staff List | I-Card
Staff Info. | Certificate | Graph
Staff Display

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Edit Salary | Edit Record
Remark Att. | Issue Loan
EPF | ESI Reports | Salary Register
Staff List | Annual Salary
Monthly Yearly Reports

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Staff Attendance

Mark Attendance
List Attendance
Staffwise | Monthwise | Yearwise Reports

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Assign Leave | Apply Leave
Cancel Leave
Balance Leave | Leave Record
Create Leave

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Admission Enquiry | Add | Edit |
Delete | Bulk Update | Promote Bulk Pic Update | Student Login Student List | Certificates | RTE Student I-Card | Tc Issued
Student Info | Graph | SR Order

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Marks | Student Info
Exam Wise | Term Wise
Report Card | Subjects | Exams
Grades | Assign Subject
Exam Type | Report URL

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Student Attendance

Mark Attendance
List Attendance

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Home Work

Create | Edit | Delete | Evaluate
List | Evalution | Graph

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Add | Edit
View | List | View Log

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Fuel Details | Assign Transport
Student List | Transaport Details |
Ledger | Vehicle | Stopage

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Form Sale | Fees | Monthly Fee | Non-Monthly Fee | Online Fee | Fee Bill | Pending Fee | Ledger | Concession | Fee Collection | Duplicate Slip | Fee Realise

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Add Bill | Add Expenses
Expense | Vendor |
Payment Voucher
Expense Head | Vendor | Setting

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Contra Entry | Cash Book
Profit/Loss | Contra Entry
Bank Account | Opening Balance
Payment Gateway

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Add | Edit | Issue | Return Book |
Periodicals | Newspaper Attendance
Barcode | Fine Recieved |
Due Book | Search Books | Settings

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Time Table

Section | Subject | Teacher
Setting | Time Table Execution
Class Wise | Teacher Wise
Absenties Arrangement
Teacher Alloatment

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E News

Add | Edit
View | List

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Add | Edit | Replicate

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Add | Assign
List | Log

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Add Lecture | Edit Lecture
List | View By

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Add | Update Room
Hostel Assign Room
Hostel OutEntry | Hostel InEntry
Hostel Room List | Hostelers List
Hostel Outing Log

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Online Exam

Add Edit Question | Add Edit Exam
Evaluate Exam | Question List
Exam List | Answer Sheet
Marks Scored | Unattented List

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Stock Management

Stock Master | Stock Purchase/Return | Stock issue/Return | Stock Sales Return| Stock Purchase Edit | Stock Mark Damage

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Visitor Entry | Visitor Exit
Visitor List | Generate Visitor Pass

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Live Meeting

Add Edit | Datewise List |
Userwise List | Log | User | Urls

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Add | Confirm
List | Website Code | Graph

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Simple, Powerful & Affordable School Management System


Our programmers wisely understand your requirement, and make change with user experience.


We provide everything you will ever need to run an education institution. It is fully log based, accurate, error control and result oriented application.


We endeavors for delivering better, faster and cost effective services, enabling our customers to serve their customers better

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