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Data Structure Coaching Centre In Dehradun


Data Structure using C focuses on the significance of data structures and algorithms in computer programming and software development. Hands-on exposure on data structures lays a strong foundation in developing programs. According to the real life scenario, a well versed candidate can distinguish which data structure to be used to drive optimized results.

Participants in this training will learn how to organize and store data in a computer. Data structures such as arrays, stacks, queues, linked list, and trees are covered in detail. Different algorithms for searching, hashing, and sorting are explained with examples and programming. Candidates learn the applications of binary search trees and graphs.

  • What is data structures, why programmer must need to know about DS concepts
  • Revision of arrays, functions, pointers, structures of C language
  • Algorithm complexity and Time-Space trade-off
  • Static, dynamic memory allocation
  • Array address calculation, sparse matrix
  • Singly, doubly linklist, polynomial representation and addition using linklist
  • Dynamic, static implementation of stack
  • Application of stack- conversion of infix to prefix and postix, evaluation of infix
  • Array and linklist represention of queue, circular queue
  • Garbage collection and compaction
  • Basic terminology of trees, binary tree, binary search tree, threaded tree, AVL tree etc.
  • Hashing, collision resolution techniques
  • Introduction to graph, DFS, BFS, prims, krushkal algorithm
  • Sorting- insertion sort, quick sort, merge sort, etc.

  • Free demo classes
  • Student with litte knowledge of C language can also easily switch to DS
  • Limited strength of students in each batch
  • Coverage of 60+ programs, authentic and up-to-date course content
  • Complete coverage of student course syllabus, totally practical oriented classes
  • Special focus on students with hindi medium background or non IT background
  • 100% practical based approach, focus to fulfill industry requirements
  • Convenient morning and evening batches.
  • Students are encouraged to ask questions, debate, and experiment so that they enjoy learning.
  • Experienced and dedicated faculty
  • Project which benefits deep understanding of topics

Course Duration:
  • 3-4 Months ( Syllabus + Project )

Course Fee:
  • Rs. 3500/-( Three Thousand Five Hundred Only )