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About Founder Of Arsal Software    


I Ajay Bansal founder of Arsal Software Solution have done Bachelor's and Master's In Computer Application from SGRRITS, Dehradun. During my academics I have been involved in various projects. I became passionate about computer languages when I developed a calculator in C language using data structures during my BCA 3rd semester, after then I developed game, notepad using same language. Then I came in contact with respected Mr. Shiv Verma Sir (Ass. Professor Of SGRRITS) and Mr. Pradeep Negi Sir (Sr. Accounts Officer of SGRRITS) at that time for developing a accounts management project , after 5 months dedicated hard work I wrote 10,000 lines of code in C language using data structures, for this I was awarded also.

When I developed a calculator in C language, I want to give it a name but calci was a common word for calculators and I dont want to use this so after thinking for a long time I got the name ARSAL, Arsal is basically the combination of first letter of my family member's name, For me Arsal is my family, my passion, my dedication, my hard work and I can do anything good for Arsal. Later on it was decided to grow myself towards serving people in the field of IT and to provide solution in the field of software, so it's become Arsal Software Solution. Now from many years I am continuously serving customers and students in the field of IT.

Serving customers as Arsal is like serving my family for me because Arsal denotes my identity, so i always (means always) try to make my customer feel proud and happy by making the transparency of the pros and cons of product delivered to customers, I always try to provide best product using latest technology at a economical cost, so that they comfortably adobt new innovation in their business and spread their identity with big imagination. I mainly focus on ROI (Return on Investment).

I believe in healthy and honest relationship between Arsal and its customers, I denote this by using logo as a flower which contains four colors, I choose flower as a logo which represent Growth (orange), Honesty (yellow), Transparency (white), Healthy (green) relationship between our customers and us.

To me life is nothing but series of decisions that we take everyday. I strongly believe that the real growth of an organization depends on the extent to which the individuals within the organization live values on a daily basis. So at last I just want to thank all of my faculties, customers, employees, friends and students for always motivating and having trust in us, and for our future customers I want to say that just give us one chance to prove ours because me and my team only believe in dedicated hard work and honesty in providing best services.