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Best School Management Software System


  By Arsal Software | April 12, 2021 | Best School Management Software India

In this digital world, everything is available on fingertips with the help of advanced technology. If we discuss about the top 10 schools in terms of using digital technology including other non technical factors, the one school that have a robust and reliable school management software with mobile application is the top of the list.

If you are looking for best School Management Software for school but not sure which one can fullfill your all requirements. Then you are absolutely at the right place. There are numbers of School ERP Software that are available in the market, which makes it harder to decide that which one is best for you. So today, we are discussing about Top 10 School Management Software In India, that take schools to forward one step to digital technology.

Top 10 Best School Management Software In India

1. Arsal School Management Software: India's top most preferred Best School Management Software. Arsal School Software is an integrated solution which is developed to benefit schools in terms of REPORTS and ROI. It's a cloud based software that comes equipped with enormous modules and excellent features. The software is mainly designed to improve efficiency and productivity in daily operational task of school curriculum. It has extremely simple user interface which operate at high level of security and supports multiple users. Arsal Software is a comprehensive School Management Software that manages everything related to schools such as students attendance, online fee management, online examination, homework, expense etc.

One important feature of Arsal School Software is that it follows modular approach which makes it easy to add modules as per need, and each module can be customized easily according to requirements. It also provides a feature of graphical reports that show all the row data of your schools in a single click.


  • Trusted by more than 120+ schools having 30+ modules.
  • Cost does not vary on number of modules, users and students.
  • Succesfully running from last 10 years
  • No new modules updation charges.
  • No installation charges.
  • No any one time setup cost and no any hidden charges.
  • Free up gradation of existing modules during subscription period.

2. Keep Schoolin: Schoolin School Management Software is a reliable school software. It provides the facilities to manage daily activities like students records, examination, fees and expense management. They have different logins and dashboards for admin, teachers, students, and parents.

3. Schoolbic: Schoolbic is one of the innovative School Management Software. It provides access to different role based users. By the use of this School Software school can manage their daily operational task. It helps to keep records of students information, take student attendance, fee payment, library management and much more.

4. Ireava: It's a all in one School ERP Software for schools that is highly customizable. This software provides 25+ modules that helps the schools to manage therir day to day work easily. It also provides backup facility.

5. EDRP: It's a simplest School Management Software with role based mobile applications separately for teachers and students. It's a cloud based school erp solution. The client can easily access data from anywhere anytime.

6. School Tonic: With the goal of providing paperless administration to schools, school tonic is one of the leading School ERP Software. Most popular features of school tonic software is fee management, student management, student attendance, student app etc.

7. NLET: It's the faster School Management Software for schools. It's provide efficient modules like teacher management, attendance management, student management and much more. School can easily extract required information as per need.

8. School Pro: School pro is a comprehensive and affordable School Management Software that facilitate schools to manage all the complex task of school. It provides structured modules like student attendance, assignment, staff, calendar and much more.

9. Myly: Myly is the most trusted School Management Software. It provides important featurers like admission, fees, exam, timetable, transport management and much more.

10. Chanakya ERP: It is the most trusted, simple and reliable School Management Software. It's a one stop solution for hassle-free school management. Features like student management, attendance, examination, fee management, transport etc are available in this school erp software.