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HTML is a hypertext markup language, used for creating web pages and web applications. It's used by all web development companies and other internet platforms for developing different types of web application. Html, with CSS and JS has become a milestone for Web development.

We use online tools to analyzes page's speed and performance. When we build a web page there are no. of errors that even we don't know about those errors becuase page layout displayed perfectly on browers, but when we use online tools to know how well our coding, it displayed many errors in our code, it's directly impact goes to our webpage performance, speed, ranking and search engine result page. We ensure that there is no error in your webpages and also thought that how to remove these errors and why its occur.

  • Introduction to Html
  • Html Editors, Basic Of Html
  • Html Elements, Attributes
  • Html Heading, Colors, Tables, Images, Formatting, Links, Lists, Block and Inline, Classes, ID, Iframes, Html Js, FilePath, Head, Meta Tags
  • Html Layout
  • Html Responsive, Charset
  • Html Forms, Form Attributes, Form Elements
  • Html Input Types, Input Attributes, Input Form Attributes
  • Html Graphics Canvas, SVG
  • Html Media, Video, Audio, Youtube
  • Css Introducion
  • Advanced CSS
  • Css Grid
  • Css Responsive Web Design, Media Queries, Images, Videos
  • Website Performance And Speed Analyzing Tools
  • Errors Checkers Tools
  • Improve Gt metix Score and Remove Errors

  • Free demo classes
  • Limited strength of students in each batch
  • Complete coverage of student course syllabus
  • Special focus on students with hindi medium background or non IT background
  • 100% practical based approach, focus to fulfill industry requirements
  • Convenient morning and evening batches.
  • Students are encouraged to ask questions, debate, and experiment so that they enjoy learning.
  • Experienced and dedicated faculty
  • Website Designing Proper Practical Based Approach with website uploading which benefits deep understanding of topics

Course Duration:
  • 3 Months ( Syllabus + Project )